June 2

Beautiful Experiments on Splashes: A Poetry Workshop

10:00 – 1:00

2:00 – 5:00


Poses: Writing as Gesture
August 14-16, 1-4pm  at the Provincetown Art Association & Museum

In this generative workshop, we’ll adopt the immediacy of the conventions of figure drawing to inform a series of writing exercises using quick prompts in the same way that a drawing class begins with quick sketches. We’ll work from timed poses, writing on large paper, with pencil or marker. On day one, we’ll write from verbal prompts, and on day two, using those same conventions, we’ll write from a figure model. How does working gesturally help us to dismantle our usual habits and preoccupations and tune more to our instincts to strike upon fresh images and associations? On day three we will shape some of the “sketches” into short lyric essays or poems. This class welcomes writers and visual artists of all levels.

Note: While the class explores writing from the model, writers are encouraged to range freely and are in no way confined to writing about the model.

The Intimate Thread: Reading as a Devotional Practice

With Jody Greene, at Yoga Tree, Castro August 31 & September 1

More info to come soon.


Inspiration as a Sustainable Practice

” Try to love the questions themselves.” – Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Stock cinematic visions of the creative process suggest inspiration seizes us in sudden gusts or that it’s a lucky endowment.  But what if inspiration, as the painter Agnes Martin suggests, is always there, and our access to it is a function of our receptivity? What about those poems we step over on our way to some idealized notion of The Poem?  How can we be, as Stanley Kunitz puts it, “a friendly host?”

Do poems begin in conversation? In close observation? In empathy? In what we try to avoid? What allows us to “finish” a poem?

The day includes craft discussion, generative exercises, & workshop. Please bring a 1-2 page piece for a 15-minute workshop session. Note: you’re welcome to use your 15-minute session as an open conversation about a process issue/obstacle/preoccupation/joy, etc., rather than for discussion of a specific piece.


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