The Poses release party was so much fun.

Huge thanks all around:

To Bart Schneider & Catherine Durand of Kelly’s Cove Books; to Patrick Marks & Gent Sturgeon of Green Arcade; to Robin Azevedo & Robert Azevedo of McRoskey Mattress Co for generously providing the dreamy loft for the party; to Farnoosh Fathi, Alix Lambert, & Francis Richard for their beautiful readings; to Chester Arnold, for bringing his drawing group & to Tami Tsark, who modeled; to Bart and Chester for hauling eight easels up the stairs; to Dave Grenetz and Olga Zilberbourg for help with the projections & much more; to Joyce Brady & Heather Korn for lending their presence wherever necessary; and Southern Exposure Gallery for support of the Mattress Talks.

And many thanks to Evan Karp took these fabulous videos of the evening.

I was very happy to be reading with Alix & Farnoosh & Frances. It felt like the best way to celebrate the publication of my own book – to read with friends whose work means so much to me, and from whom I’m constantly learning.

Alix arrived, with her customary élan after a day of delayed flights that seemed to come right out of “A Day,” the piece she read from The Minus Times.  [which you can pick up at Green Arcade!]. We also screened some clips of some of her new work and also showed her Life360 piece about Stanley Kunitz. You can see more at Alix’s Vimeo page. 

I was thrilled to hear Frances read from her stunning book, The Phonemes. Patrick has some copies  Green Arcade. Go get one!

the phonemes

Farnoosh turned a bolt of velvet, an uncannily heavy standing wood frame, and some chairs into the Fal’ e Farnoosh an unprecedented oracular enclosure, in which people could listen to and read poems from her new book Great Guns, coming out from Canarium this spring. You can pre-order it here. And you should.  Well, even better would be to get it from Patrick, or some other in(ter)dependent bookstore, but whatever, just get it. You’ll find that you need it.


a listener takes in the poem meant for his ears only at the sapphire curtain of the Fal’ e Farnoosh


Chester Arnold’s figure drawing session


left: Robin Macintosh, who designed the book she’s holding in her hands.



Many thanks to Jim Keim for these photos


This party was conceived in conjunction with MATTRESS TALKS:  Interviews with Artists & Poets on Discomfort.

The following morning, Alix and I returned to McRoskey for a Mattress Talk, which will be available online soon.  And with Alix’s talk, we began the tradition that each person who is interviewed in the series will receive a pair of handknit socks.

Support for MATTRESS TALKS is provided by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Program.

FB event page

Many thanks again to The McRoskey Mattress Company, 1687 Market Street for generously providing their beautiful loft space for the party.