For the first three days after I arrived in my studio at Montalvo, this spider was always on the ledge in the kitchen.  I’d take care not to to brush it with a grocery bag or to bother it with the clatter of my dishes if I made toast.

It just kept walking up to the front edge and then back on that promenade between the refrigerator and the toaster.  i noticed at one point it was facing its reflection in the refrigerator.  Who who knows what kind of adversarial situation it thought it might be in, but I certainly identified with its way of orienting around a projection of itself.

I made a little video of it, but it got erased when my phone went blank a few days ago and I had to restore it to factory settings.  This photo remains because I happened to have mailed it to myself already.

A video of a spider walking along ledge, I learned, works with almost any soundtrack.

it’s kind of a perfect silent film; almost any narrative can be imposed on it.
It’s instructive how irretrievable that little video is, not that it really matters, but it’s not as if i can train a spider to do that again.