I’m so tired of potential.  This Angler Fish stamp, for example.  Its splendor renders it almost impossible to use.  There’s always some potential use for it that trumps its immediate utility as postage.  I managed to use the rest of the sheet in 2000 when it was issued, but as I was fascinated by these fish who live in deep dark ocean precincts and have these glowing baubles that both help them find food and attract mates, I couldn’t bring myself to use this stamp.  I wanted to keep it around, so that in some way, all the potential of the angler fish was here in my desk drawer to my right.  I seem to be on some kind of decade-ish cycle and I now feel able to use this stamp.  It may well be “Worth Something,” the potential of which one must be prepared to forefeit in order to use something at its face value.  I decided I don’t care.  I can’t care about that. What I need to do is mail this small parcel to my friend, and this is now the perfect occasion for this angler fish to help it get to her.

There is energy in enacting potential, in reducing the infinite options to the one that will for now be what’s happening.