Hedgebrook Writes

Perhaps you’re one of the over 8 million people who, within just over a day, have mooned over this video of a newborn kitten dreaming into the embrace of its mother.  At this moment, the figure is at 8,706,240 million hits.  At about one minute long, that’s, you know, 8,706,240 minutes of viewing time, the equivalent of 145,104 hours, or 6,046 days.

Put another way, this amounts to one person watching the mother cat pull the baby closer to her on a continuous loop for about 16 1/2 years.  Put slightly differently, if the collective attention directed at this video created a being of sorts, that being would be a teenager.  That hugborn being could get a driver’s license; that teen-aged cuddle-consciousness could take a poetry workshop with Tamiko.  All this in under two days of being posted.

I guess this means we like to be entirely, consummately, held.

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