for Tassajara (a compilation of work circle announcements )

Has anyone seen a little tiny spiral

notebook?  I can’t locate my mini

magnifying glass/flashlight combination

a couple t-shirts

a pair of boxer shorts

one of my sneakers

I’m missing a shirt like this one

I lose them regularly

a tiny little bell

a black leather toiletries bag this big

a folding handsaw about this large

We are missing the OSHA book

someone in their diligence may have taken it

a D.T. Suzuki book

last seen by the laundry wringer

I lost my crystal deodorant stone

If you borrowed a solar

lamp, please return it to the cart

I’m missing my almond glow

I saw it on the laundry line

That got put in goodwill

Isn’t it on the zendo hook?

I’m still looking for a blue dress

also a holder for an ice pick

Lost my alarm clock on the lawn

On the lawn I found a swatch watch

Lost a zafu and 2 cushions.

they say my name

a Casio illuminator watch

like the one I’m wearing now

Can’t find my robe belt

Lost my black cycling cap with the pink stripe

A turtleneck black fleece

no buttons no zipper no flower

A little band that helps me

with tendonitis

We’re looking for the tape dispenser

A hat that looks like it’s been in the shop

with a love heart on the front

that says John plus Justine

it is much loved

My roommate forgot her lime green something

I know where that is

it’s in the dining room

it may be in the staff office

in the lumber truck under a pile of rope

on the shelf with the elephants in the dish shack

it’s on the rack on the east side of the zendo

on top of the guest


Has anyone seen

a black notebook

lots of loose pieces of paper

Has the firewatch flashlight come back?

This morning my rakusu was gone

and later it reappeared

Please be mindful

it’s my only timepiece

may or may not have chocolate in it

looks like laundry but I’d love to find it

it has a bleach stain on the front

it has tassels on the end

it might look like a rag

I lost it three times; usually it comes back

it’s slightly curved because it’s been in my back pocket

After zazen I found a pair of shoes

that were like mine

but these are newer and slightly larger

I found this beautiful green towel

that’s a lot like mine

a pair of strap-on Teva sandals

I thought were mine

two bottles of kombucha by the lower garden

A book of stamps w/a cracked liberty bell

That’s mine

My black frame glasses have gone missing

I can’t read until they show up

I lost my mug

it’s a creamy white

maroon on the inside

I’ve lost my mug

four skeletons in blue

two talking to each other

my kleen kanteen

my small mouth nalgene

I’ve misplaced two shirts, 1 inside out

my black hoodie

w/the reproductive system screened on it

A couple of hats missing, one is black

it’s on your head

A red and white laundry bag with a torn jubon

it’s in the library

in the alley behind the dining room

on the bath house shoerack

by the altar in the yurt

it’s not in cabin crew

it was in my bed all along

I think it’s in the Lost and Found box

but I don’t know where that is

My towel was taken from the pool bathroom

It was light green and only there for one day

This isn’t really a lost & found item

but I ran out of dental floss.

Does anyone have any extra

or is anyone going to town because it’s important.

Does anyone belong to these swim trunks?

Someone took from the laundry line

my 2007 no race t-shirt

it might have been a bit stiff

I was trying to wash the poison oak out of it

I found a stone yesterday

that said “expect a miracle” on it

I was wondering if anyone lost it

I lost a headlamp I think it’s called Ora O-R-A or A-U-R-A

I set it somewhere and haven’t seen it since

It’s blue. Hopefully it’s not in my room

Maybe it is