I was going to teach Camryn how to make a book.   I laid out out some supplies from my backpack and she went to her room and returned with a plastic bin full of about 30-40 books she’d been making every day after school, her signatures scotch taped across the spines.

I picked up one called Louie Loves Halloween.  For most of the book, Louie debates on his costume:  an ipod nano, a ghost, Spongebob squarepants, a crash survivor.  He decides: Ghost.  We see his long complicated days full of details, buying snickers bars, doing his math homework, but mostly, gathering all the elements for his costume and wearing it around the house.  His mom tells him to take it off, that it’s not Halloween yet.  He keeps asking how many days left, and the day before the school Halloween party he just can’t wait another day and wears the costume to school.  The teacher sends him home to take it off.

On the next page, the texture of Louie’s days becomes very spare:  “Louie woke up.  Louie had breakfast.  Louie ate lunch.  Then he had dinner.”

Cami explained to me, I had to get him through that day fast because the book ends on the next page.

This is the last page of her book about ways to save the earth: