I made a small book once from brown wax paper with a round band-aid on the cover.  I love the strange luster and opacity of that brown wax paper and as a little pamphlet, it had a nice flexibility.

On each page was taped one line from  They Loved to Laugh, one of a box full of teen novels I found that summer.  The slim waxed paper book was composed of some sentences that dealt in some way with the body.   I lost it long ago by placing it in an envelope.  Even after moving many times,  I still hope sometimes when I find a random envelope in among other things, that I might find this book inside it.

Martitia's small bones ached from jostling.
Sharon groaned, turning her head painfully.
Victoria's heart contracted.
Aliced closed her eyes for a moment.
Those were the last words she heard.
Half of her was enthralled.
Alice's lip quavered.
Sharon's eyes wandered dreamily about.
Her mouth curved.
Selina felt her throat tighten.
Sandra's voice trailed off uncomfortably.
Sharon was already beyond all pain.
Jane discovered she was crying.