Are you taking anything for it?
How was it today?
It’s not getting any better, is it.
It was very heavy today.
What is it now?
Is it over yet?
Is it still going on?
Has it started yet?
It came 1/2 mile closer last night.
How’d it go last night?
This is the first time I've seen it.
Did you have it?
Have you seen it?
They’re still not saying anything about it
It’s expected to be released
No one told me about it.
It’s really quite a marvel.
It doesn’t have one.
Unfortunately it raises more questions than it answers.
it was hard to say who made the tools.
And it is a necessary reassurance.
It will take “no expertise in physics or mathematics.
It’s just too baroque to be true.
You took good care of it.
I think I'm getting it.
I think I'm getting over it.

 That was a few of today's it's
and now here is some useful information about kombucha,
something that often inspires the question, "what is it?"