1.  I see a white ball.  E.R.

2.  Slow that down.  S.O.

3.  Where are we now?  R.M.

4.  Now tell me again, how do the horses fit in?  S.K.

5.  Now, why did you capitalize giraffe? S.K.

6.  Guard your spark.  G.T.

7.  It will be interesting to see what you do with all that.  E.K.

8.  A little swifter here.  M.D.

9.  You’re the writer.  Write a happier chapter.  A.P.

10.  If you want to know I’m here, make yourself quiet.  M.

11.  [Nothing I say scares you.] Hardly.  S.K.

12.  Put that in there right.  M.E.