Jennie and I never informed the NeverLost we’d decided to drive on past our intended destination.  Calculating route. Every time we passed the turn we would have taken:  Calculating Route. Its directions got more and more untenable, backtracks no one would ever follow without such guidance

The NeverLost had gotten us far enough and now that we were where we were, we wanted to strike out on our own to a destination unlisted on its responsive touch screen.

It wasn’t buying the new plan.  We’d first told the NeverLost we wanted to go to the Sutro Baths and it was having none of our new plan to go to Fort Funston, which was our plan all along, but it wasn’t included in its preordained destinations, and once we got in the vicinity, Jennie remembered how to get there.

Make the first legal U-turn you can it pleaded with us, its responsive touch screen plaintive.  Calculating Route.

NeverLost we are not going where we first told you

Even turning it off and then on again did not ease the Neverlost’s mind.  Its first thought upon waking was our original destination.

But what we wanted changed.

No longer the Sutro Baths

but Fort Funston

This third party hadn’t been kept abreast of the change.

NeverLost, we’re going on without you.  NeverLost, we will all be okay, really.