1.  Renée and I deliberated for a while about ordering Thai food but ruled it out partly because we wanted to save money, but also because it seemed weirdly like more work to order Thai food than to just sauté some tofu and whatever else we might find.  So we went downstairs and Roxie had made a lovely light soup with greens and potatoes and she kindly offered us some, and she emphatically advised us to squeeze half a lemon each in the soup, so we did.  And we sauteed some tofu, and, the conjectural Thai carry-out now forgotten, we watched an  episode of The Wire.

Then we went into the small kitchen and found a brown bag in the refrigerator with these words on it:  Free Thai Food.  And just for good measure, it was even the dish I was planning to order.

A Dramatization

2.  On Friday I had to send a submission by Express Mail so I was riding my bike to the post office on Collingwood and 18th, full of remorse for the inefficiency and expense of this errand, given that I’d had two months to send the submission by regular mail.    A total waste of $18.75, but still worth doing.  This all became much lighter when a block before the post office, there was a $20 bill in the road.  I almost ran over it.  I stopped and looked around for someone who might have dropped it, but there were no apparent candidates, so I accepted the postal grant and mailed the envelope.

I think sometimes The Universe must think I require the plainest of gestures so I will not miss what is being offered to me.   I can understand how The Universe would think this, when so much is offered, and I am so quick to forget, if I notice it at all.