This horse has been on my door for the last two years.  Just the horse, not the green field.  There was something immensely comforting and friendly about it.  A few times, I took it down, thinking I would figure out something else to put there, and people said, Where’s that horse?  I really like seeing that horse. So I put it back.  Sometimes people would move the horse from pane to pane on my door.    I liked how people were having their own relationship with it, like once when I was carrying my cat, Allegro down the street in Georgetown to the vet, and a woman stopped me and said, “Oh, you’re Oliver’s mother.”  And she said he visited her on weekends sometimes.  Oliver?  He had this whole other life.


I felt somehow responsible to the people on my hallway to leave the horse there.  But on New Year’s day, I felt it was time to change it in some way so I brought it inside and I had a large green sheet of drawing paper on my wall and so I put it on the bottom corner of the green field and that seemed somehow right.

And now, in its place is this photo of my dog Jingo, which feels like what’s needed as a suggestion for moving from last year into this one: